Bristol Ren Faire Adventure 2012

My fiancé Mike and I made our annual trek to the Wisconsin border for the Bristol Renaissance Faire! This year is the 25th anniversary of the faire, and as always, we had an amazing time.

The weather was perfect for spending the day outdoors, walking around the grounds. The Ren Faire is a place to be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. There are events and activities for everyone!

Our first mission was to find Leather Mug Straps for the ceramic mugs we bring every year. It’s much better than carrying an empty mug around the whole day. We also did archery again this year. I was a little rusty, but I hit the target a few times, and it felt awesome.

Most of our day was spent looking at all the amazing handcrafted items in the shops, and watching street performers.

We also enjoyed a falcon trainer show at the jousting arena. It was impressive, and they went into the history of humans using birds of prey for hunting.

Recently, Mike and I have been getting back into the Co-Op RPG Dragon Quest IX. The video game has been a great escape from wedding planning stress.

His character focuses on magic, and he plays mostly as a Sage using the wand, and my character is a Martial Artists using fisticuffs and fans. Our characters work so well together, with me focusing on physical attacks, and Mike focusing on magical buffs and attacks.

Once our wedding is over, and life calms down a bit, we’ll be starting the game over completely, and creating characters that physically look like us. We’ve thought about creating costumes for our characters for a while. Dragon Quest costumes would be perfect for conventions, and Ren Faires.

Usually when we go to Bristol, we toss together costumes from pieces of other costumes, or things we already have in our closet. This will be the first time we actually make costumes for the Faire!

The wands in Dragon Quest look like wizards staves. After wandering in and out of shops at the Ren Faire, we started to see some really awesome staves that would be perfect for a Dragon Quest costume. Mike fell in love with a staff from the shop Seekers & Settlers. He walked around the rest of the day with this staff, and he looked awesome!

We pretty much spent the rest of the day looking at pieces in shops, and getting ideas for our costumes. This may sound dorky, but I felt like we were in the game! In Dragon Quest, you can travel to different towns and purchase weapons, costumes, armor, and other items in the various shops. I can’t wait to go back to the Faire next year…hopefully with some awesome new costumes!

The Bristol Renaissance Faire is going on from now until Labor Day! Visit their website for ticket information.




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    If you are into RPG video games you really need to check out RenQuest next year. It is like a live-action RPG where you are sent out through the faire site to interact with the various denizens of Bristol in order to progress through the story line as well as to receive points and possibly even prizes as the top players can receive such prizes as swords, daggers, leather-bound books, etc. If you do so, be such to say hi to me at the Lunar Camp....

  • In reply to Mamaa Yungwirth:

    My fiance's sister told be about that! She played for the first time this year. We got there a little later than we would have liked Sunday. But I really really want to play RenQuest next year! Especially with our new costumes in the works...we'll be in RPG mode for sure!

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