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Table Top RPGs: The Next Level of Nerdom

Pathfinder Beginner Box, and all that comes with it!
<br />Photo Courtesy:
If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I’m into a lot of geeky things. I love sci-fi/fantasy series, video games, cosplay, conventions, renaissance faires, and my car is a VW Autobot. My fiance, Mike, and I actually met at a comic book convention, so he’s very much a geek too. Although we... Read more »

Albion Swords & Mark Ryan Visit Chicago Comic Con

The detail on these swords is just incredible! <br />Photo Credit: Rich Johannsen (Lesson 5 Photography)
Over the weekend at Chicago Comic Con, I had the opportunity to catch up with Mark Ryan. He was attending the convention, not as a guest, but to support the people of Albion Swords. Albion Swords is a Wisconsin based company that creates incredible limited edition, museum quality swords. These guys take their craft seriously,... Read more »

Bristol Ren Faire Adventure 2012

On the road to the Renaissance Faire
My fiancé Mike and I made our annual trek to the Wisconsin border for the Bristol Renaissance Faire! This year is the 25th anniversary of the faire, and as always, we had an amazing time. The weather was perfect for spending the day outdoors, walking around the grounds. The Ren Faire is a place to... Read more »

Chicago Comic Con 2012

Photo Credit: Rich Johannsen (Lesson 5 Photography)
Chicago Comic Con 2012 is just a memory now, and this year was an interesting one. This year, Wizard World used more of the convention center space! Part of me loved the changed, and part of me was just confused with the whole new layout of the show. I loved the extra elbow room. The... Read more »