How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular Review

This weekend I saw How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at the United Center. The show was incredible. This live action show is based on the popular DreamWorks animated feature How to Train Your Dragon.

Although the story for the live show had some minor changes from the movie, it’s still the same story of boy who learns that dragons aren’t as bad as the Vikings have always believed them to be.

The same amazing effects team that created the animatronic dinosaurs for the Walking With Dinosaurs live show have outdone themselves with their life-sized dragon animatronics. The photos and commercials for this show is nothing compared to seeing this show in person.

I was prepared to see some amazing dragons, but what really impressed me was the use of video projected set design. There was a projected backdrop, and projections on the entire arena floor that brought this environment to life with 3d animation.

The movements of the actors and dragons were perfectly timed to appear to be interactive with this projected environment. They created incredible illusions of fire, flight, water, caves, buildings, it was just completely well done. I haven’t seen any show like this.

Watch the video above from Spinifex Group to see the stage in action.

Overall this is a must see show for children and adults alike (although I wouldn’t recommend it for very small children…there was a lot of crying from some babies in the audience).

I only wish this show was in Chicago for more than a week. If you can catch it at any of the other cities on tour, definitely check it out!

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