Priceline Negotiator's Epic Death

Priceline Negotiator's Epic Death

Tonight I saw the Priceline commercial where William Shatner’s character dies!

I couldn’t believe it. It was short. It was dramatic. It was memorable. Why isn’t there an award for best commercial spokesperson?

We live in a world where commercials can easily be avoided. You DVR something, and fast forward through the commercials, or you just watch shows online where you get limited commercials. I love it when a company can create characters you genuinely enjoy seeing in ads. That’s great marketing!

I’m going to miss the Negotiator and all his crazy adventures. Those Priceline commercials were hilarious, and so is Shatner.

As soon as I saw the commercial, I tweeted about it. Much to my surprise William Shatner himself actually retweeted my message and thanked me. Now my phone is buzzing with tweets from fans that can’t believe the Negotiator is dead.

I may have lost a great spokesman today, but Captain Kirk just acknowledged my existence via Twitter! That totally makes up for it.

I posted the commercial below if you haven’t seen it yet. Get your tissue ready.

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Shatner retweets my post

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