Themed weddings can actually be classy

When most people think of Disney animated films, they think of their childhood. Some people might argue that those are kids’ movies. I’ll admit, I grew up with Disney too, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be too old for Disney.

I’ve never been one of those girls who knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding. Some girls know their dress, color scheme, and details before they even meet the right guy.

Wedding ideas hadn’t come to me until I met the right guy. I started imagining a wedding that was very us (because a wedding should be something you both love, not just the bride). My fiance and I met at a comic book convention, and we do a lot of super hero and sci-fi costumes together. Most people assume we’re going to have this geektastic wedding.

We knew we wanted to have a theme, but we also wanted it to feel like a wedding and not a convention. We wear costumes at conventions all the time, so we didn’t want to have costumes at our wedding.

After our engagement happened at Disney World, I naturally starting thinking of doing a Disney Fairytale themed wedding. I ran the idea by my fiance first, and when I told him how I wanted to incorporate details from The Princess and the Frog, he was totally on board.

Whenever we watch The Princess and the Frog, we always talk how much their relationship reminds us of ourselves.

Themed weddings don’t have to be over the top and cheesy. Even though our theme is based off of a cartoon movie, I have full faith that we can make it elegant. If you focus on the details, themed weddings can be memorable and unique!

And if people don’t get your theme, who cares!? The wedding is really for the bride and groom. Do what makes you happy!


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  • Yay for themed geeky weddings!! :) I think your wedding is going to be so lovely! And wow, that venue looks amazing, not sure what the inside looks like but the outside certainly looks perfect for your wedding. :) SO EXCITING!

  • In reply to KnitChick:

    They have loads of pictures of their building on Facebook, just imagine the space without seat covers (I'm not a fan of seat covers lol). It's surprisingly a very affordable venue also. So far our ceremony and reception are under $6,000 combined for the size wedding we're planning.

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