'Geek Love' on TLC

'Geek Love' on TLC
Ryan Giltch, Founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating (EW.com)

This weekend TLC premiered a two-part special called Geek Love. The series followed Ryan Glitch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating. He travels to different cons with his crew, and they set up speed dating sessions for the people attending the convention.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating came to Chicago’s C2E2 this past year. I didn’t go, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Like all geeks, I was worried about the TLC special painting con-goers in a negative light. Often times mainstream media has a way of making geeks into super awkward outcasts (which I suppose some of us are at times), but Geek Love was really sweet.

I cared about the people the series followed, and I just wanted them to find love! I only wish the show was longer! The two-part special was divided into two half-hour episodes, and it wasn’t enough! I hope TLC does a follow up special, I want to know if these geeks really found love.

My fiance and I actually met at a comic convention in 2006, and we’re getting married next year. So, I’m a true believe that geek love can be found at conventions.

Geeks don’t have to date other geeks, but it definitely makes life easier when you do. I’ve gone on dates with guys who weren’t into some of the more nerdy things that I was interested in, and it just didn’t work.

You definitely want someone who’ll understand your desire to wear a wig and spandex to a public event. If you’re lucky, you’ll find someone who’ll dress up and go to a convention with you.

Follow Sci-Fi Speed Dating on their Facebook page, and check out TLC’s listings to see when Geek Love will be re-airing!


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  • I was at the Geek Speed Dating at C2E2 and I have to say it was very well organized. I met a lot of women there but unfortunately I didnt get to meet anybody who was a match. Ill try it again in 2013 and the ones after that until I do. It also helped that there was even a 50/50 ratio between males and females.

    I liked how everything was so balanced and structured, this is a serious contrast to the Anime Speed Dating panel at Anime Central which was a complete disaster. Not to mention that for every 1 female that showed up, 10 guys were there.

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