Because one Halloween costume wasn't enough!

I have an extensive collection of costumes in my closet, so naturally one costume wasn’t enough for me this year. I suppose I was making up for my lame Halloween last year.

Last Halloween I celebrated with a Smallville marathon, and I sort of half-assed a costume for work (but not a lot of people wore costumes to work…which was super depression).

This year, I wore three costumes! Two costume are recycled from my convention costumes, and I bought the Michael Jackson Thriller costume specifically for a Halloween party.

None of my costumes were overly sexy. I’ve always been a fan of creativity over slutty when it comes to costumes. When costume stores start selling sexy costumes inspired by Chinese Takeout boxes, the slutty Halloween costume trend has gotten out of control.

So, check out my costumes! My list is almost like a cosplay schedule for a convention….HA!

Friday – Hufflepuff Student

Saturday – Thriller Michael Jackson

Halloween – Jurassic Park Ranger

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