Interview with 'Power Rangers' actor Jason Narvy

Many Power Rangers fans know Jason Narvy as half of the show’s comic relief team “Bulk & Skull.” I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in 2007 at the first official Power Morphicon in Los Angeles, and again more recently at Chicago Comic Con this year.

Meeting him in Chicago was great, and Jason said he actually remembered me. I don’t know if he was just being polite, or if he actually does remember me (I was the only yellow ranger there at the convention, and it was a small event, maybe he did remember me). Either way, it was great seeing him again, and I had a chance to find out what he’s been up to lately.

Nash: Have you been to Chicago for an event before?

Jason Narvy: No I haven’t. This is my first, and it almost didn’t happen. It was a last minute thing. I just moved to Chicago and Scott Zillner who runs Power Morphicon called me at the last minute and said, “Hey, you up for a convention this weekend?” And here I am.

Nash: When I found out, I was trying to spread the word that you were coming, on my Facebook, and the fan page.

Jason: God Bless your heart!

Nash: I think it was a surprise for a lot of people.

Jason: You know it was funny too, because Jessica Rey (Power Rangers: Wild Force) was suppose to be here too. I haven’t seen her since the Anaheim Comic Con. She’s awesome! She has her own line of retro bathing suits.

Nash: That sounds awesome, I’ve never met her before.

Jason: If you want to look like a chick from the 50s in a bathing suit…there you go.

Me with Jason Narvy in 2007

Nash: You’ve been in so many season of Power Rangers, what have you been doing since you left the show?

Jason: Well, I went to college. I went to grad school, and I did a lot of theater. Tons and tons of theater. I did a short film called Penny last year, which is now making the rounds. I did a project this summer that will be coming out really soon, but it’s top secret.

Now I’m the Artistic Director at Concordia University trying to help repair the Theater Program.

Nash: How do you like teaching, in comparison to being in front of the camera?

Jason: You know, it’s kind of all one in the same. People might say teaching is a form of acting, well isn’t acting a form of teaching? Part of me thinks, if you look at acting as an art form as opposed to a business, as an artist, you’re going to have to pass it on at some point. Whether it’s graphic design, or choreography, teaching is part of your journey. When I walk away from teaching at the end of the day my acting is that much better.

Nash: I’ve only seen, all of your comedic work. Are you teaching comedic acting?

Jason: If you could believe it, no. My specialty is Shakespeare baby!

Nash: No way.

Jason: Oh yeah! I got my Masters Degree in it. I’ve played in Hamlet, Macbeth, Henry V…

Nash: Was this before or after the Ranger stuff?

Jason: Some of it was during, actually. Paul Schrier (Bulk, Power Rangers) and I, produced and directed Hamlet. We both did like, dueling Hamlets. I directed one, and I had him in it. Then he directed one and had me in it. They were at different theaters, at different times.

Jason Narvy (Skull) and Paul Schrier (Bulk)
Jason Narvy (Skull) and Paul Schrier (Bulk)

Nash: Which one got the better reviews?

Jason: We both got horrible reviews. What can I say? Come on! It’s Shakespeare! No really, they were the best reviews ever. Patrick Stewart quit doing Shakespeare, because our Hamlets were so good. I kid you not! Go ask him when was the last time he played Hamlet. It’s probably a good 30 years. (laughs)

Nash: Have you seen any of the newer seasons of Power Rangers?

Jason: Yes. I’ve met all those guys, and Felix Ryan who plays my son. He’s Skull’s son, and if you do the math, that means somewhere around season 2, I got somebody knocked up! I don’t know who it is. That’s probably why some of the Rangers start to disappear around season 2.

Nash: Felix seems to pull a lot of his characteristics, and mannerism from Skull. Did you work with him at all?

Jason: On the sly, I worked with him for a day. They called Paul Schrier in to do Bulk again. Originally I think they wanted two younger people to be like the Bulk and Skull characters, but they couldn’t find a really good Bulk. Let’s face it, guys like me are a dime a dozen. So Paul called me up, knowing that I teach kids, and he would have felt more comfortable knowing that I’d at least worked with this guy. So I worked with him for one day, and we didn’t tell the producers. Felix is a nice guy, he’s done a great job.

Nash: We’re so glad to have you in Chicago, I’m sure fans will horde your table all weekend.

Jason: I already accidentally placed one of my personal head shots on the table, and someone bought it. When I realized, I thought “son of a…I needed that!” Now I’ve got to buy new headshots.

Nash: Couldn’t you just buy it back from them?

Jason: No! It went up in value!….I signed it!

Always plenty of laughs whenever we meet.

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