Chicago Comic Con 2011 Recap

Well, this weekend has definitely been eventful. Chicago Comic Con has come and gone, and my legs and feet have thoroughly seen their share of walking for a week!

I only attending Friday and Saturday of the event, and there was plenty to see. Friday was probably my favorite day to walk around the convention floor. There was a generous amount of attendees, but you still had some elbow room to walk around (unlike Saturday, when my leotard-clad body brushed against far to many fanboys).

Saturday is usually the busiest day for any comic convention, but I’m starting to think Chicago Comic Con has out grown it’s venue. There were several hundred fans roaming around the convention floor, and I could hardly enjoy myself Saturday, because there seemed to be too many people in the space provided.

The traffic and parking for Chicago Comic Con Saturday was insane, which is no fault of the convention itself. If I could make any suggesting to the powers that be, it would be to move the event to a larger space. Although, I still love the fact that the convention isn’t actually in Chicago, where traffic can be worse, and parking and hotels are ridiculously expensive.

I do miss the presence of the big name comic publishers, and video game/toy companies. The absence of the big name sponsors changed the vibe of the convention for me. It felt different. The convention was missing a certain wow factor that comes with having the big name sponsors.

What Chicago Comic Con lacked in razzle dazzle, they made up for with celebrity guests. The layout for the con, actually put all the celebrities near the entrance (which now that I think about it, could be one of the reason why it was so hard to walk around Saturday). Fans were thrilled to meet and greet with the stars.

Artist alley was impressive as always. I had to put myself on a budget just so I wouldn’t buy loads and loads of artwork this weekend. I was happy to see that more panels were actually added to the programming this year. Sadly I had to leave before the costume contest. On the plus side, I did run into loads and loads of costumers in the lobby and on the convention floor. I was very pleased to see that a lot of family actually brought their kids in costume as well.

I got a chance to dawn my favorite costume for the second time, Princess Tiana from Dinsey’s The Princess and the Frog. I gave out a lot of hugs to little girls when I came as Princess Tiana on Friday. Little boys are not as impressed with seeing a princess in real life. They’ll appreciate pretty girls offering them hugs when their older.

Although I did not attend Sunday, there were a number of kids events going on at the convention, including the children’s costume contest. Overall, I had a great weekend. If you’re looking for the over the top booths with the big name venders, I don’t think this is the event for you. But if you’re looking for vendors with collectibles and unique geek items, one-on-one time with some of the stars you grew up loving, and a geeky event that is family friendly, Chicago Comic Con is the place for you.

Check out my slide show from the convention.

All photos taken by Rich Johannsen © Lesson 5 Photography

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