Oh! It's Administrative Professionals Day

I’ve recently gone back into Ugly Betty Marathon mode. This morning I watched episode 21 of season 1, “Secretaries Day.”

Much to my surprise it’s actually Administrative Professionals Day today! What a weird coincidence. This is just another occasion where my life mirrors that of Betty Suarez. I only wish I had a rich boss who gave me expensive gifts, and designer swag.

In honor of the holiday, I’d like to share this episode of Ugly Betty with the world (or anyone who is actually reading my blog). If you haven’t seen the series and you have Netflix, I definitely recommend it. Netflix has all 4 seasons of Ugly Betty streaming online!

Hilda: “You mean Secretaries Day?”
Betty: “No in 1998 they change it to Administrative Professionals Day”
Hilda: “Oh…that really rolls off the tongue.”


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