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Last Days of Smallville: Episode 19 Dominion

This episode was so intense. There was some brutal, hardcore, gladiator style combat. Sparks were flying, blood was flowing, and Clark and Oliver never looked so manly. I’ll admit, I was skeptical of a Zod episode at this point in the series. But they were able to tie in Darkseid to this episode, and it... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 18 Booster

I don’t know a whole lot about Booster Gold, or Blue Beetle. I did however do a bit of internet research before watching this episode of Smallville. I think they did a great job of interpreting Booster’s overall attitude. He was completely entertaining. I thought with all the seriousness of the final few episodes of... Read more »

Making polymer clay fruit canes

Citrus fruit canes seem to be the easiest ones for beginners. First I cut my green/translucent clay mix into 8 slices (like a pie), and put white clay between each slice.
Various Fruit Canes (Courtesy: So I’ve been working on a few clay projects for my Etsy store, Charms by Nash. I’m also learning a lot of techniques through video tutorials, message boards, and an amazing book called The Polymer Clay Cookbook. Miniature food charms have, so far, been my favorite thing to make out... Read more »

Oh! It's Administrative Professionals Day

I’ve recently gone back into Ugly Betty Marathon mode. This morning I watched episode 21 of season 1, “Secretaries Day.” Much to my surprise it’s actually Administrative Professionals Day today! What a weird coincidence. This is just another occasion where my life mirrors that of Betty Suarez. I only wish I had a rich boss... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 17 Kent

I was very excited to see John Schneider in another episode. Even though the Jonathan Kent he was portraying last week wasn’t our Jonathan Kent, he did such an amazing job. If you want to check out my interview with Mr. Schneider about his return to Smallville, click here to check it out. Tom Welling... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 16 Scion

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve talked about Smallville here on ChicagoNow. Which isn’t a big deal considering there hasn’t been a new episode since March 4th, but I’ve been slacking on reviewing that episode. I’ve been meaning to get around to it, but time just got away from me. Since the episode aired again... Read more »