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Are Smallville Fans Screwed Because of Local Mayoral Debate?

Anyone who’s read my blog knows that I am a serious Smallville fan. So like everyone else, I was completely shocked and upset to find out that tonight’s anticipated new episode of Smallville is being pushed back a week! In place of what should have been the return of Smallville and Supernatural, tonight we get... Read more »

LXTV talks to Chicago Cosplayers (VIDEO)

My good friend and fellow cosplayer Toby Markham as Captain Jack Sparrow (NBC LXTV 1st Look Chicago) Working in TV does come with a few perks from time to time. When a former colleague of mine (who currently works for NBC) asked me if I could hook her up with some cosplayers for a feature... Read more »

Real Life Masked Vigilantes: Heroes or Idiots?

In Seattle, there’s a group of costumed vigilantes making national headlines. These guys patrol at night, and try to keep the streets safe from crime. The men feel that citizens should be more accountable, and that if police aren’t near by, criminals shouldn’t be able to get away if someone can stop them. Phoenix Jones,... Read more »