LXTV talks to Chicago Cosplayers (VIDEO)


My good friend and fellow cosplayer Toby Markham as Captain Jack Sparrow (NBC LXTV 1st Look Chicago)

Working in TV does come with a few perks from time to time. When a former colleague of mine (who currently works for NBC) asked me if I could hook her up with some cosplayers for a feature story for LXTV 1st Look, I was thrilled. Sadly my crazy work hours didn’t allow me to be apart of the shoot, but some of my closest friends were featured on national television…in costume!

I’m glad I could be apart of it (even if it was behind the scenes). The important thing is that cosplay is being exposed to more people. I think it’s wonderful to see cosplay painted in a positive light. Lots of people confuse it with LARPing, but they’re NOT the same thing.

Check out my friends on LXTV 1st Look Chicago

For those who are interested in cosplay, don’t be shy. The term “cosplay” is a combination of the words costume and role-play, but you don’t have to act like your character the entire time.

I like to think that cosplay in America is a bit more relaxed in the sense that you can break character and talk to people, and then turn around and strike an action pose for a picture. You can get as much into character as you’re comfortable with. And if you just want to wear the costume and meet people, that’s ok too.

It’s a wonderful social hobby if you’re looking to meet people who are into sci-fi, comics, anime, gaming, and whatever other geeky thing you can think of. Over the last 5 years, I’ve met my closest friends (and the love of my life) through cosplay and conventions.


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