Are Smallville Fans Screwed Because of Local Mayoral Debate?


Anyone who’s read my blog knows that I am a serious Smallville fan. So like everyone else, I was completely shocked and upset to find out that tonight’s anticipated new episode of Smallville is being pushed back a week!

In place of what should have been the return of Smallville and Supernatural, tonight we get repeats of last night’s Vampire Dairies and Nikita. WHAT? Are you kidding me? Those shows were on LAST NIGHT!


Official Smallville tweet, the day before a scheduled new episode of it’s final season

Thursday night, WGN aired the live Mayoral Debate, delaying the new Vampire Dairies episode to 10:30pm (CST). With Chicago being the third largest broadcast market, the CW would most likely lose some viewers that night. The CW’s prime time line up was also being delayed in Baltimore, another large market, for some basketball game (did I mention I hate sports?).

Not to mention that American Idol is now on Thursday night, taking away some of the CW’s viewership. A Zap2It article reports that The CW’s Thursday night viewership maintained since their winter break. So can the world thank the Mayoral Debate for ruining our Friday night television? The internet is littered with pissed off fans across the country. Two Twitter hashtag topics are #SaltAndBurnCW and #TheCWsucks. Personally I think the reschedule is ridiculous, and was poorly executed (not to mention it was very last minute).

When new Smallville episodes were delayed last year because of the devastating crisis in Haiti, no one complained. It was an international crisis. But the Chicago Mayoral Debate and a basketball game is hardly reason to pull this crap. All winter long they’ve been promoting new Smallville and Supernatural episodes, and the day before they’re scheduled to air they announce that it’s not happening?

The CW will be re-airing the December episodes of Smallville and Supernatural next Wednesday night before the new episodes air Feburary 4th. WHAT? Why wouldn’t they just give the fans what they want, on the day it was scheduled to happen, and replay Vampire Diaries and Niki Wednesday instead of screwing over us awesome Smallville fans? Nothing makes sense to me! Bring back Chloe! (my head hurts)

I’ll admit, I’ve had the crappiest week ever, and I’m in the mood to rant. Smallville was literally the one thing I was looking forward to this week, and I’ll have to reschedule my bliss now. So instead of watching your encore Vampire Diaries CW, I’m watching Supernanny tonight.



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