Twilight Eclipse Parody by The Hillywood Show


I’ll admit, I haven’t seen Twilight Eclipse, and it’s not exactly on my “to do list.” I did see the first two films, and they were alright, I’m just not a fan. However, I can appreciate a good parody when I see one. The ladies of The Hillywood Show have put together a Twilight parody of musical proportions.

Sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi wrote, directed, produced, and edited this amazing fan film that’s Twilight meets Lady Gaga! The Hindi sisters have been YouTube celebrities for a few years now with their costumed comedic antics.

Their Twilight parodies have given them a cult following. The sisters and the cast of their fan films have been touring to Twilight conventions all over the country. Even though I’m no Twilight fan myself, I admire these sisters who took a hobby and a passion and turned it into something huge!

This Eclipse Parody is very well choreographed and looks amazing. Although it’s a bit lengthy, I definitely think it’s worth watching.

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