A Magi's journey into the land of York


MagiQuest Entrance (magiquestchicago.com)

For the last two weeks, I have been obsessed with MagiQuest, the live action interactive video game experience. If you are unfamiliar with MagiQuest, you can read all about it in my first blog.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend Mike and I had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful world of MagiQuest at the Yorktown Shopping Center in Lombard. When we enter we were both merely Apprentices. In just a few hours we both quickly climbed the experience ladder and became Magi! (I believe the next rank up is Senior Magi, then Master Magi)

For MagiQuest newbies like us, the Yorktown staff was very helpful and accommodating. I love how into the game the employees are, and most of them had their own personalized wands. They all wear costumes, and stay in character for the most part. They helped us choose a wand, topper, and clan (which we both spent weeks researching, so we already knew what we wanted).

Next we filled out a form with our personal information, character name, and Clan. That information is programmed into your wand. As you play the game your stats are updated into the system. At just a wave of the wand you can see your completed quests, experience, gold, and all your other character info. Wen you register online at magiquest.com/mymq you can see all your game stats and progress at any of the MagiQuest locations you’ve been to.

We were each given an Ancient Book of Wisdom that contained our character’s name and code on the back. The Ancient Book of Wisdom contains all the clues a Magi needs to complete their quests and adventures.

To learn new spells and to gain experience, Magi must complete quests given by the Questmaster. The game itself is like a magical scavenger hunt. The Questmaster gives you a riddle and a bit of advice at the start of a new quest, and your Book of Wisdom has the clues you need to help you find all the objects you need. You use your wand to unlock the secrets of the land, find treasure, speak to magical creatures, and battle Dragons and the Goblin. When you complete a quest you earn a Rune. To go on adventures you must obtain specific Runes first.
It was so much fun. Mike and I started out doing the same quests, but after a while we split up and went on our own journeys. If we had any trouble along the way, a staff member was never too far away to help.

Winterra the Ice Dragon (magiquestchicago.com)

After playing for a while, we decided to challenge each other at the dueling station. The Dueling station is an area where two Magi can battle using spells that they have learned during their game play. It was pretty awesome. You have monitors in front of you and behind you, and it shows you the spells that have been casting (like lighting, shield, fire, etc.). It was better than a Pokémon battle!
Another great feature at the Yorktown MagiQuest is the Mall Quest. Players can go on a quest and adventure inside the mall. You take your wand and a guide sheet (different from the Ancient Book of Wisdom), and you find items hidden in the mall that you must cast your wand at. I have to admit; it was pretty cool going all over the mall with a wand. Getting outside of the gaming center really felt like an adventure.
As soon as we left, I went to a craft store so I could customize my wand. I wanted a wand that was unique, and I also wanted it to match my topper. Now I have an awesome new wand, and I can’t wait to go back to MagiQuest. I definitely recommend going to MagiQuest!


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