Trick or Treat (or not)


Well it’s that time of year again. Time to throw together those last minute costumes, put reflective tape on your kids clothes, and try to avoid sex offenders while encouraging your kids to take candy from strangers. I’m talking about Halloween!

Recently I’ve had issues with trick-or-treaters. My main issue is that they’re like an endangered species in my neighborhood.

Since I’ve been cosplaying I’ve tried to be home and hand out candy in one of my awesome costumes (because lets face it, how cool would it be to get candy from Storm, or a Power Ranger!?).

The years I actually put the effort into it, I’ve gotten 3 or maybe 4 groups
of kids and it was disappointing. Maybe everyone in the neighborhood knows how great my costumes are and they’re to ashamed of their cheaper ones? (I doubt that one) So, this year, I’m throwing in the towel.
The thrill is gone, and I don’t even feel like putting on a costume.

I know everyone is probably shocked at this announcement. Maybe I’ll give in, and toss on my Storm wig and X-Men jacket. Or maybe I’ll just let someone else hand out candy at our house. I’m just in a weird anti-Halloween funk right now.

For now, I have plans of being lazy, driving to Michigan, wearing normal clothes, and having a Smallville marathon. I have the whole rest of the week to change my mind though. Until then, enjoy this College Humor video of celebrities handing out candy!


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