Halloween at work


Fun times at work…sorta

So, as I mentioned in my last blog, I’m not really feeling the Halloween spirit this year. Today was the Halloween potluck at work, and since my shift starts in the afternoon, I missed most of it (well pretty much all of it).

I debated all week long on whether I should wear a costume today or not. The co-workers aren’t really the costuming type, so I thought it would be safe to wear a “normal clothes” costume. It was between my LOST costume and my Jurassic Park costume. On the drive home last night I had a brilliant idea of created a new, last minute costume.

So with some metallic paint, a black shirt, and a few hours before bedtime, The Blur costume was complete! Everyone knows I love Smallville, and I don’t know why I hadn’t made this costume sooner.

When I got to work today, few people actually knew what my costume was (which is weird considering I work at WGN…and Smallville has been on WGN for the last 10 years now), but the people who got it actually made my day! I’m pretty sure some people at work think I just dress this way normally. I got a few strange looks and nods from those I don’t see very often.

So aside from getting to dress up as my hero, testing out a new rockin’ hairstyle, and getting two eyeball cupcakes today, my at work Halloween celebration was pretty lame. On the plus side, I’m looking forward to the Halloween episode of Smallville tonight, and not having work for the next two days.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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