ACME Design Inc.


I recently had a chance to visit the folks at ACME Design Inc., in Elgin, IL. ACME creates replicas, sculptures, props, and prototypes for television, print, trade shows, video games…well, to sum it all up, they’re pretty much awesome people who make awesome stuff!

As a cosplayer and an avid fan of props and visual effects, I completely geeked out over everything. Every corner of their lobby had something awesome. Whether it was the Great White Shark hanging from the ceiling, the life sized Alien replica in the corner, or the giant glass of iced tea, the quality of their work was serious sensory overload (in the good way).

Owner Clint Borucki and his crew are a fun loving group of nerds (ridiculously talented nerds), that have an obvious passion for the work they produce.

ACME Design Inc. has been in business since 1992, and I don’t think these guys get enough credit for the work they do. So, I’m glad I could share some of their amazing work with all of you.

Once a month they have meet-ups/prop group, where a group of folks gather at the shop to talk about making props, people bring in projects their working on, and everyone pretty much hangs out and has a good time.

Elgin is a bit of a hike for me, but I would love to go back for one of their prop group meetings. If you’re interested in checking out ACME Design Inc, and attending one of their meet-ups, contact the team at their website (link below). Be sure to check out their Facebook Page (where you can find much more awesome photos of their work) and their Twitter Profile!

ACME Design Inc.
37 North Union, Elgin, IL


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