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Halloween at work

Fun times at work…sorta So, as I mentioned in my last blog, I’m not really feeling the Halloween spirit this year. Today was the Halloween potluck at work, and since my shift starts in the afternoon, I missed most of it (well pretty much all of it). I debated all week long on whether I... Read more »

Trick or Treat (or not)

Well it’s that time of year again. Time to throw together those last minute costumes, put reflective tape on your kids clothes, and try to avoid sex offenders while encouraging your kids to take candy from strangers. I’m talking about Halloween! Recently I’ve had issues with trick-or-treaters. My main issue is that they’re like an... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 5 - Isis (VIDEO)

 I’m still very much in love with last week’s 200th episode of Smallville, but we must move on, right? This week’s episode was pretty good. The goddess Isis is unleashed, and she has taken Lois as her vessel. If that’s not bad enough, it’s also the same day Clark was planning on telling Lois his secret.... Read more »

Sesame Street Song: "I Love My Hair"

I love my hair! 3 months since the Big Chop Ok, originally I wasn’t going to devote an entire blog entry to this video. I was just going to share the link on Facebook. But after I started writing a wordy comment to go along with this video, I decided a blog would be a... Read more »

Dating for Geeks

Dating in general is a complicated game, with rules and signals I’ve never been able to fully comprehend. For geeks and nerds (like myself), dating can be even more difficult. Geeks take their hobbies very seriously, and other people don’t always get it. I can only speak from personal experience, but I find it difficult... Read more »

ACME Design Inc.

I recently had a chance to visit the folks at ACME Design Inc., in Elgin, IL. ACME creates replicas, sculptures, props, and prototypes for television, print, trade shows, video games…well, to sum it all up, they’re pretty much awesome people who make awesome stuff! As a cosplayer and an avid fan of props and visual... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 4 - Homecoming (VIDEO)

Well we’ve made it to the 200th episode of Smallville and I’m completely geeking out over here. This has to be my absolute favorite episode of Smallville EVER! There was a lot of hype surrounding this Homecoming episode, and I must say…it did not disappoint. My only frustration is that I saw it at work,... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 3 - Supergirl (VIDEO)

Sorry for the super late entry guys. I was busy and out of town this weekend. Doing a video blog every weekend is a bit more time consuming than I expected when you have plans and a social life on your days off. I’ll try to keep this review brief. I’d love to hear feedback... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 2 - Shield (VIDEO)

Friday’s episode of Smallville was pretty awesome. I had some technical issues and had to record my video twice, but I think it turned out better the second time. I actually checked the original video and it was 24 mins of me talking about this episode…YIKES! Lucky for all of you I was able to... Read more »