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No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family cast ABC © 2010 ABC has a new sci-fi drama that centers around a typical American family that gains super powers after their small plane crashes in the Amazon River. I have to admit, when I first saw commercials for this series I had some doubts. Michael Chiklis stars as the dad,... Read more »

R2-D2 Droid phone!?...YES!

Droid R2-D2 (Motorola) I’m having a serious case of phone envy right about now. It has been announced that Motorola will be releasing a limited edition R2-D2 themed Droid 2 this week. Thursday, the Verizon Wireless store in downtown Chicago (36 S. State Street) will be carrying about 100 of these phones in stock. This... Read more »

Interview with Chicago area web comic artist and writer Gordon McAlpin

Gordon McAlpin (Photo Courtesy: Charlene Epple) Gordon McAlpin is a Chicago-area artist who writes and illustrates the web comic Multiplex. The web comic follows a young group of employees that work in a movie theater, located in an unnamed Chicago suburb. The web comic is published twice-weekly, and it’s a humorous glimpse into to the... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 1 - Lazarus (VIDEO)

Well after the long wait through the summer months, the final season of Smallville has begun. Lazarus, the first episode of season 10, was full of interesting twists, and plenty of wtf moments. I’m very excited that my favorite show is back on the air. There were things I loved about this episode, and some... Read more »

Disturbing Live Action Fan-made Pokemon Video

I love Pokémon probably more than a grown woman should. And although I think it would be wonderful and magical to have these creatures come to life, I fail to realize just how crazy this game really is. You catch these creatures after you’ve physically weakened them, and then you take them from their natural... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 0 (VIDEO)

I haven’t been much for video blogging, because my computer hates it. But, starting next weekend, I want to start a series of Smallville episode reviews for the final season. Nothing fancy…just me sitting on the couch talking about the show. I’ll try to keep it as entertaining as possible. I’d love feedback from Smallville... Read more »

Look Mom, I'm "Costumer of the Week!"

Today I got a Facebook notification from Lenny Java, also known as LJImagination. His website features cosplayers from all walks of life. And his Facebook page, LJImagination Presents Costumer of the Week! showcases a different cosplayers every week (I guess that part was pretty self-explanatory). This is what he had to say about yours truly:... Read more »

Preparing for Season 10 of Smallville

Scene from Season 10 Premiere “Lazarus” The CW © 2010 I’d like to warn all my readers that the next several months will be pretty interesting for me…the final season of Smallville starts next week, and I’m filled with mixed emotions right now. I’ve talked about Smallville plenty of times on this blog, and I’m... Read more »

Dragon*Con 2010 Recap and Photos

Myself as Speedy and my friend Fran as Donna Troy She’s ALIVE!!!…Well, it’s been a while since I’ve bloggged. That’s because I was on vacation. A week and a half of awesomeness. I’m still trying to adjust to the regular routines of my everyday life. Not only did I finally beat the Elite Four and... Read more »

Road trip to "Nerdi Gras"

Well, today is the day! After work tonight, I’m going to take a much-needed nap, load up the car, and my boyfriend Mike and I will venture on our first big road trip together. So where does an awesomely geeky couple like us go for Labor Day weekend you might ask? To Atlanta for Dragon*Con!!!... Read more »