Explaining cosplay to co-workers

Secret Costume (???) - 2010

New costume for Chicago Comic Con

I didn’t think it was a huge secret that I frequently dress up in costumes for fun, but a lot of people I work with had no idea…until now.

Recently, some of the guys at work were talking about Chicago Comic Con, and they asked if I would be going. When I started talking about what costumes I was working on, they seemed surprised.

So, it was time to have “the talk” with them. I’ve had this talk several times with different co-workers throughout the years (and it’s always kind of awkward), but this time it helped having visual aids. I pulled up my cosplay website, and just started showing them pictures of my costumes. Trying to explain that this is something I do for fun, and I own all these costumes is always an interesting task.

The reaction I get from co-workers is usually entertaining. One of them commented, “It’s always the quiet ones.” I guess I’ve been keeping my secret identity more secret than I thought. You would think that this blog would be a huge give away, but I suppose the guys at work aren’t cruising the geek section of Chicago Now.

A lot of people just don’t get cosplay. I can understand how the average person would have a hard time comprehending my alternative lifestyle. But, it’s seriously the coolest hobby ever. When I go to a convention in one of my costumes, I feel like a rock star. People will randomly give me hugs and high fives because they love my costume, I get stopped to have my picture taken more times than I can count, and I’ve met so many people who’ve become some of my closest friend (one of which is actually my boyfriend).

Lawrence Green, member of the 501st and Star Wars cosplayer, said it best, “Some people collect action figures. We get to BE action figures.”


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  • You have some awesome costumes dear!

    And I completely agree with you on the feeling like a rock star! I mean, my first Acen I got glomped within 15 minutes of walking in on the second day because of my costume (Dani Phantom). It's so much fun! And now that I have a cosplaying boyfriend myself ;) I'm looking forward to couple costumes (right now I'm working on a Romana costume to go with his Four).

  • In reply to KnitChick:

    Thanks so much!

    Conventions are just a whole different world. People are so friendly and approachable. I definitely came out of my shell after I started cosplaying.

    Congrats on the bf! Couples cosplay is just too much fun. Mike and I have been dating a little over a year now, and we already have 4 costumes that we do together. It's awesome having a partner in crime ;)

  • In reply to KnitChick:

    I have this debate with my wife, who, for the life of her, can't imagine pretending to be anyone other than herself. She doesn't like public attention, either.

    I on the otherhand grew up with Halloween and Mardi Gras, so I get crunk when I have the chance to wear a great costume, which, sadly, is not very often.

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    I have the same problem with my significant other. He's very shy and is "embarrassed for me." I tell him I'm not embarrassed so he shouldn't worry about it, but it always causes a "discussion" when a con rolls around, lol.

  • In reply to BookSavvy:

    Awww :( *hugs* I remember you mentioning he's not a cosplayer...bless you for standing your ground and nerding out with the rest of us!

    Wish I could have talked to you more at the con.

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    I've found I can usually figure out who I can tell and who I can't. Some people just don't get it, no matter what. Others ask if that means I'm a Trekkie. But most think it's neat and are amazed that I make all my own costumes.

  • In reply to BookSavvy:

    I think anyone who can make their own costumes is awesome. I spent money on mine lol...kind of less awesome.

  • In reply to KnitChick:

    Oh, and when my coworkers saw a photo of my Star Trek costume from a past Halloween, I got all kinda grief. Ugh! One lady still *-giggles-* when she sees me now. O_o

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    Some people just don't comprehend the coolness!

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