Nash visits the Transformers 3 set

Nash visits the Transformers 3 set

Well, it has been on eventful weekend for yours truly. Friday was my college graduation, which was a long time coming, and Saturday I visted the set of Transformers 3. Michael Bay and his crew have been taking over the streets of Chicago for a week now, and after seeing everyone’s pictures from last week, I had to check it out for myself.


    The highlights:

    • Seeing the new design of Rachet
    • Seeing Bumblebee being unveiled by a freak gust of wind (the crew scattered to cover the car back up, and everyone booed them)
    • Hanging out with a bunch of cool people, and their awesome kids
    • Seeing the red Farrari that I can only assume will be Hot Rod
    • Seeing 3 of the NASCAR Transformers (don’t know if they’re good guys or bad guys)
    • Seeing a grown man with a Pokemon tattoo
    • Enjoying a watermelon smoothie on the long walk back to the train station
    • Getting 10,795 steps on my Pokewalker at the end of the day (good workout)


    The lowlights:

    • Missing the explosives because I had to have lunch and go pottie
    • Not seeing the Optimus Prime truck
    • Not seeing that “Safeguard” Decipticon I saw on I-94 last week
    • Sweating in the heat
    • Not getting a “Transformers 3 Chicago” bumper sticker for the Bumblebee Bug


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