Who's ready for Cyphan?

Who's ready for Cyphan?

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Time Force Officer, Anime Central 2007

Well folks, it’s official. I bought my 1-day ticket to
Cyphan last night. For those who don’t know, Cyphan is a new sci-fi and fantasy convention
hitting Wheeling this weekend. Originally I was going to have to drop this new con from my event list, because I was working weekends. Lucky for
me (and all of you out there excited to see me at the con), I started a new
Monday – Friday schedule just in time for Cyphan.

I’ll be dusting off my Time Force costume for Saturday. I
can’t find the boots, so I might rock my black and white Converse knock-offs
(which could totally give me that whole casual David Tennant, Doctor Who look).

Who else is coming out this weekend for some sci-fi fun? And
more importantly, what costume will you be wearing?

Check out the Cyphan official website for prices, guest
lists, events, and other info.


June 25-27, 2010

Westin Chicago North Shore

Wheeling, IL

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