Are teen wolves at a school near you?

Are teen wolves at a school near you?

Lucky for us, these teen wolves aren’t full on furry!

High school is full of cliques. The drama geeks, nerds, cheerleaders, goths, band geeks, and the list goes on. It appears that there’s another social group emerging in high schools. Teen wolves!? With the popularity of the Twilight series, it’s no surprise teens are jumping on the wolf bandwagon (vampires had a good run I guess). These kids are wearing dark clothes, chains, fangs, eerie contacts, and yes…tails! They call themselves werewolves, and are apart of the group they refer to as the ‘wolf pack’ (not to be confused with the awesome costuming group I’m a member of).

As a member of the cosplay community, I’m not one to judge what some people wear in public, but I just don’t get this. There’s a good chance that I’m a lot weirder than these kids…then again, I never wore a cape or spandex to school (there are certain times and places to be weird). I suppose they just want to express themselves. Check out this news report from San Antonio, TX. Does Chicago have ‘wolf packs’ of their own? Is your teen a werewolf? I’d love to hear about it.

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