Preparing for C2E2

I’m getting ready for the first big Chicago con of 2010! C2E2 starts Friday, and I’m giddy with excitement. My room, as always, is a mess with costumes, props and wigs. I really need to get a separate room dedicated to cosplay (like a home office, only more awesome). After work tonight and most of tomorrow, I’ll be gathering all my costumes, doing laundry, and packing (my least favorite part of the whole pre-con process). Today is my last day of work this week until Monday, so I’m in serious C2E2 mode.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, buy them now! C2E2 ticket prices go up after midnight (central time) TONIGHT! Buy your tickets here.

Tickets are more
expensive at the door. If you buy your ticket online, your entry is
guaranteed. If you wait until you get to C2E2, we can’t promise tickets
will be available and at the very least you will have to wait in a
longer line to purchase your tickets at the door. Get yours now!

Lance Fenstermann

Show Manager

I’ll be picking up my Press Badge Friday morning, and I’ll be at the event all weekend. If you see me, please come and say “hello,” I don’t bite. I’ve got my costume schedule all set for the weekend. I’m fortunate enough to have a nerdy boyfriend who cosplays with me! Friday we’ll be geeking out as Spock and Uhura (Star Trek). Saturday we’ll be the crime fighting duo of Green Arrow and Speedy (DC Comics). Sunday we’ll be dressing for comfort as a Lab Technician and Park Ranger (Jurassic Park).

C2E2 Costume Schedule copy.jpg

Costumes for this weekend: Lt. Uhura, Speedy (Original Design), and Jurassic Park Ranger

Thursday night, to kick off my C2E2 weekend, I’ll be checking out the movie KICK-ASS. If you don’t have plans Thursday night, and you want to party with the C2E2 peeps, check out the C2E2 Pre-Party at Mother’s.

Come to Mother’s (26
W. Division)
from 9 to 11 PM on Thursday, April 15 to hangout with
Chicago’s fanboys and fangirls as well as the professionals, creators,
and exhibitors who are all bringing the inaugural C2E2 to life. C2E2’s
Pre-Party is 21+. Be sure to bring your IDs.

Like every other fanboy and fangirl in the area, I’m just counting down the hours until the con. The show manager, Lance Fenstermann has created a convenient list of answers to the common questions you may have about the event (including links to C2E2 maps and schedules). Just click here to find out all you need to know about navigating C2E2!

I won’t have access to a computer this weekend, so sadly there will be no blogging. But, you can follow me on Twitter, where I’ll be sending updates and pictures throughout C2E2. you can also become a fan of Alter Ego Maniac on Facebook!

Twitter: @NashNovaCosplay
Facebook: Alter Ego Maniac Fanpage

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