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My tattoos (left to right): Original line art I designed in high school, cross with rose vines, Kryptonian symbol for the house of El. Pretty boring compared to the tattoo pictures I found online.

Tattoos are everywhere…if you don’t have one (or several), I’m sure you know someone who does. Everyone is branding their bodies with ink to express themselves. I’m no different, I have 3 tattoos myself. Unless you’re willing to get them fried off with a laser, tattoos are for life. It’s always wise to chose a subject you won’t soon regret after getting inked. Out of my 3 tattoos, the first one was an original design, the second had religious/sentimental value, and the third is Kryptonian. I wish I had a more impressive nerdy tattoo, because I’m big into the cosplay/convention scene now, it would be cool to “represent.” My friend sent me a link to, and I LOVE it! Here are a few of my favorites.

Some of the tattoos look awesome, others are just plain
hilarious (Wolverine riding My Little Pony). Either way these people are geeks for LIFE! Looking at all the pictures really makes me want some more ink. I’d like to believe that most people who get tattoos think a lot about what they decide to get. Tattoo location is key too! I try to get tattoos in places that can be covered up for professional environments. Whether you think it’s awesome or stupid, you have to give these people props for committing to their fandom.

Check out for more pictures, and actual detail descriptions on all the tattoos.


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  • Tattoos CAN be sexy! =

  • Dude thats the funniest thing ever dude.


  • In reply to vbeeno:

    You need to check out the Geeky Tattoos site, reading the descriptions and explanations is half the fun.

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