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Feeling Out of Place

For those who don’t know Anime Central, or ACen, is just around the corner…Well actually it’s a little less than 3 months away (May 14-16, 2010), but that is plenty of time to toss together any last minute costumes! ACen is the 5th largest anime convention in North America. I’ve gone to ACen 4 times,... Read more »

Iron Man Auction

If you’re a memorabilia junkie, and you just have to have the most screen accurate props, AND you’re an Iron Man fan, then Chicago is where you want to be! C2E2 will be conducting an Iron Man Auction which include exclusive props and costumes seen in the original Iron Man film released in 2008. Nearly... Read more »

Cyphan: Sci-fi & Fantasy United

  It seems like 2010 is the year for new cons! Cyphan is a first year sci-fi/fantasy convention coming to Wheeling this June. It’s always hard to gauge how well a con will do its first year. Finding guests, spreading the word, getting volunteers, and ultimately getting people to attend is tough. Despite the modest... Read more »

C2E2: New Comic Convention in Chicago

C2E2, short for Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, is new to the list of Chicago cons this year. Although 2010 is the freshmen year for this event, the promotion team has done a lot to spread the word about C2E2. I remember hearing about this Expo before the site was even up and running. This... Read more »

The final 5 Cylons come to Chicago

In their first public appearance together…THE FINAL 5 CYLONS are coming to Chicago Comic Con!!! Every Battlestar Galactica fan out there right now is having a full on fangasm I’m sure! Chicago Comic Con is the all around pop culture event that has something for just about everyone. Comics, movies TV, video games, anime contests,... Read more »

Cosplay = Double Life

Nash as the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger @ Anime Central 2007 (photo by It has come to my attention that a good number of people out there have no idea what cosplay is!!! SHOCKING!!! Don’t fret. You’re in luck. Let me break it down for you. Let’s start with the word cosplay. The word... Read more »