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How to Keep Your Kids Drug Free as Red Ribbon Week Highlights the Issue Oct. 23-31

BY SANDRA GUY Family stress continues to run high as the coronavirus Delta variant remains a threat, so this year’s National Red Ribbon Week serves as a reminder to help young people cope in healthy ways. The Oct. 23-31 event’s theme, Drug Free Looks Like Me™, is aimed at reminding everyone that he or she... Read more »

Healthy and Fun Halloween Treats for Kids

BY SANDRA GUY What better time to enjoy healthy Halloween treats as COVID and the Delta variant call like terrifying wolves to ease up on vigilance? So here are a few examples — with no soy, nuts or gluten — which you can use as a jumping-off point for your own fun creations.   Green... Read more »

How Peppermint Supports Your Respiratory System as October Reminds Us of Healthy Lung Month

BY SANDRA GUY Surely at this stage of our experience with COVID-19 and the highly transmissible Delta variant, we’re experts on our respiratory system’s critical importance to our health. We could never have imagined two years ago that an Aug. 27 news story would detail how an unvaccinated schoolteacher in California removed her mask “on... Read more »

How the Opioid Crisis Changed Pain Management and How We Can Heighten Our Awareness of Alternatives

BY SANDRA GUY The tremendous national toll of opioid addiction and overdose deaths continues, even after such deaths soared to a record high during last year’s COVID-19 pandemic. The overdose deaths skyrocketed to 93,000 nationwide amid the pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accusations against several drug manufacturers, accusing them of... Read more »

Health Benefits of Whole Grains as We Work to Fight COVID Variants

BY SANDRA GUY As we focus even more on our immunity and personal health, remember to put whole grains at the top of your dietary list. September — Whole Grains Month — is the perfect time to update and recharge your diet as COVID variants rage on. Whole grains offer a complete package of health... Read more »

Herbal Hormone Balance and PMS Relief

BY SANDRA GUY Researchers are finally including women’s health issues — and that includes Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) — in global data analysis. New research published in July shows that women in developing countries still struggle to safely manage their periods, and lack access to menstrual products, water and private places to wash and change. The report, by... Read more »

Chicago Hot Spots for Summer Travelers

BY SANDRA GUY Mask-free at last, it’s time to enjoy Chicago’s amazing lakefront, architecture, ballparks, playgrounds and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. The list is endless, but if you’re traveling to the Windy City, especially for the first time, these are essential stops: The Art Institute of Chicago: Truly a world-class experience, whether you prefer the classics... Read more »

Healthy Summer Travel Tips in an Unpredictable 2021

BY SANDRA GUY You’ve heard the horror stories: Crowded airports, fights in line between exasperated travelers and misbehaving passengers who refuse to wear their masks. Yet you’re ready to burst to get away from your COVID cocoon, even amid rising prices for gasoline, lodging and scarce rental cars. Average hotel rates have soared to as... Read more »

Foods that Protect Your Eyes such as Astaxanthin from Shrimp and Salmon

BY SANDRA GUY It’s the perfect makings of a Jeopardy quiz question: How do flamingos get their famously pink coloring? Answer: Though they’re born with gray feathers, their bodies turn pink because they eat brine shrimp, which in turn feast on microscopic algae. That algae contains carotenoids such as astaxanthin. The red-pigment molecules from astaxanthin... Read more »

How College-Bound Students Can Still Benefit from COVID Curtailed Extracurricular Activities

BY SANDRA GUY Admissions officers are reassuring students nervous about their COVID-limited extracurricular activities that they’re taking into consideration one of the deadliest pandemics in history.   The Harvard Graduate School of Education released a statement in late June 2020 from more than 300 college admissions deans, that sought to ease fears by clarifying what... Read more »