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Simple Reminders for Safer Romance This Valentine's Day

BY SANDRA GUY If COVID has taught us anything, it’s to take extra measures to stay safe and, if you fear exposure, get tested. As Valentine’s Day nears — it’s no mistake that National Condom Week starts Feb. 14 — that same message has long applied to safe sex. Planned Parenthood advocates education, and that... Read more »

Herbal Remedies for a Healthy Smile

BY SANDRA GUY Winter’s busy activities — returning to the grind of school, work and COVID precautions — can easily throw even the most disciplined task master off of his routine. So steel yourself and vow to stay vigilant with healthy routines in the New Year. That includes brushing and flossing your teeth. While you’re... Read more »

Beginning Meditation Techniques to Uplift Your Mood — Just in Time for the Holidays

BY SANDRA GUY If any time in world history has brought us back to the basics, it’s been the past 20 months. Who would have thought that the most basic aspect of our lives — breathing — would become such a hot topic that a book, “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art (2021),”... Read more »

Best Indoor Exercises for those Icy, Frigid Winter Days

BY SANDRA GUY There’s no better time to find fabulous indoor exercise routines, as online health clubs clamor to satisfy COVID stay-at-homers — and you’ll no longer have to worry about some Machiavellian gym manager running off your favorite teachers. With online exercise videos available by subscription, you can watch your favorite teachers and exercise routines... Read more »

Get Tests for Cervical Health and Consult Your Doctor About Folic Acid Role

BY SANDRA GUY More than 13,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer each year, and over 4,200 die as a result. The disease takes an even greater toll globally as the vast majority of cervical cancers occur in low-income countries. But January — Cervical Health Awareness Month — reminds women... Read more »

How to Manage Stress During the Holidays

BY SANDRA GUY Finally. It’s time to celebrate the first return-to-near-normal holiday season for most of us since the COVID-19 pandemic started. While we still must take precautions and wear our masks outside of our bubbles — and get our flu shots plus a COVID booster shot — we at least can feel free enough to travel.... Read more »

World AIDS Day — on December 1 — Seeks Greater Advancements in AIDS Treatment and Prevention

BY SANDRA GUY Though the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the numbers of people who sought HIV testing, researchers continue to explore new ways to prevent and treat HIV infection. Work also continues to better understand the virus to find a cure. HIV causes AIDS. These efforts demand more attention than ever this year on World AIDS... Read more »

Boost Your Immune System with Bone Broth — Not From a Can

BY SANDRA GUY Nothing could be heartier on a cold winter’s night than bone broth. Just don’t confuse it with soup or a canned broth. No, this is an ancient type of nutrient-rich food made from the remnants of fish, pork, veal, lamb, cattle or poultry. Animal parts that can’t be eaten, such as feet,... Read more »

Vitamins to Keep Up with a Hyper-Demanding Modern Workplace

BY SANDRA GUY The harried, hours-long commutes and seemingly endless to-do lists are back. Just listen to the radio or online traffic reports, and you’re sure to hear motorists’ weary voices as they call in news of the latest roadblock. If you find yourself getting increasingly frenzied, irritated and distracted, you may be on brain... Read more »

Emerging Cannabinoids You Should Know: CBG, CBC and CBN

BY SANDRA GUY Many local convenience stores tout CBG-infused treats on their shelves. Now, we’re seeing a new series of letters, including CBC and CBN. What do these confusing acronyms mean? Most people know that the acronyms must be associated with marijuana — and they are. Each is a compound that offers its own properties.... Read more »