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Safety Precautions Before and After Getting the COVID Vaccine

BY SANDRA GUY We’re not out of the COVID woods just yet. Now it’s time to maintain a new vigilance toward health and positivity, and guard against vaccination frauds. It’s tempting to want to post your vaccination card online. As much as we love to share good news on social media — whether it’s a... Read more »

Best Types of Fish Oil to Support a Healthy Immune System Now That We’re Out and About

BY SANDRA GUY Now that we’re getting out into unmasked crowds of people, it’s easy to forget about the importance of maintaining our immune systems. But it’s actually the best time to support your immunity so you won’t get rattled by every sniffle and sneeze. One of the keys of maintaining your immune health is... Read more »

Effective Communications Month a Perfect Time to Improve Your Conflict-Resolution Skills

BY SANDRA GUY Just as we’re throwing off our masks, we may also find ourselves throwing out the niceties and self-discipline we’ve forced ourselves to assume during the pandemic. We’ve sacrificed all of the little luxuries, played nice on Zoom calls and held our tongues while supervising the household. It’s so tempting to release the... Read more »

How Will Your Indoor Garden Grow?

BY SANDRA GUY Our collective pandemic lockdown blossomed into a green-thumb trend: Indoor gardens. A garden’s mental and physical benefits abound, and that’s the theme of National Gardening Week from June 6-12. After all, working with nature to produce greenery and healthy herbs and vegetables provides a heady sense of accomplishment. Of course, a successful... Read more »

Celebrate Men’s Health Month with Wise Vitamin Choices

BY SANDRA GUY The month of June beckons with fewer COVID restrictions, freeing walkers, joggers, runners, bicyclists and skateboarders to masklessly breathe fresh air. It also coincides with Men’s Health Month, a national campaign aimed at encouraging boys, men and their families to exercise, eat healthy and see a doctor regularly. This past year has... Read more »

Trying a new way to stay hydrated as we keep pivoting

BY SANDRA GUY Now that COVID-19 has upended our routines, refocused life around the kitchen and allowed people to pour out their most private confessions, why not admit that Pedialyte can help treat hangovers and dehydration? It’s becoming a thing. That’s because Pedialyte contains electrolytes, as well as a small amount of sugar (glucose). Electrolytes... Read more »

Does Percussive Therapy Help Loosen Muscles?

BY SANDRA GUY My experience with the Theragun is admittedly subjective: My husband uses it every morning to relieve his stiff legs and back. It’s a great idea to use a massage gun before you work out — just as stretching prior to an intense HIIT or weight-training session helps warm up your muscles. The... Read more »

Vitamin C, Zinc and Omega-3s Fulfill a Key Role in Overall Health at Today’s Critical Time: Experts

BY SANDRA GUY Zinc, vitamin C and Omega-3s can help keep you at the top of your game while we all wait out the uncertainty of seemingly never-ending COVID-19 variants. The best defense against COVID-19 and its variants remains getting a COVID-19 vaccination, staying masked, social distancing and washing your hands. But at least one... Read more »

Ways to Minimize Your Distracted Driving (and Other Bad Habits)

BY SANDRA GUY We’ve all seen the TV reporter on the local news driving while texting, knocking over traffic cones put up in a parking lot so the local police department can show viewers the hazards of distracted driving. The demonstration isn’t just a TV ratings device. And while everyone is chomping at the bit... Read more »

IBS Awareness Beckons as Spring Blooms

BY SANDRA GUY Now that we’ve turned our clocks ahead and await leisurely walks into the evenings, it’s time to do something about irritating health problems that frustrate those longings. That’s especially true after more than a year of COVID lockdown, with a vaccine’s promise of easing our anxieties about every step and every breath... Read more »