COVID-era Fitness Options Offer Expansive Springtime Wellness Regimens

BY SANDRA GUY Rumors of gyms’ and workout clubs’ deaths post-COVID have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, new workout clubs are opening and offering more exercise options than ever before. And online exercise classes via Zoom and remote video are here to stay. So there’s no better time to start honing your workouts to achieve... Read more »

Take Ed Tracy’s Harrowing Yet Clarifying Experience to Heart: Get Screened for Colon Cancer

Take Ed Tracy’s Harrowing Yet Clarifying Experience to Heart: Get Screened for Colon Cancer
BY SANDRA GUY Our collective COVID pandemic experience has forced us to confront our humanity and, whether we want to admit it or not, our mortality. We’ve confronted a potentially fatal diagnosis at every turn. Who can tell us how to embrace and discern this moment? Chicago media veteran and theater critic Ed Tracy, host... Read more »

Watch Your Eyesight — Now at Home —during Workplace Eye Wellness Month

BY SANDRA GUY The coronavirus pandemic’s worries seem endless, and now eye strain has landed on the list of concerns. If you’re among those suffering dry, watery, sore, tired or itchy eyes — or other eye-strain symptoms — chalk it up to seemingly endless screen-staring time, lack of exercise outdoors and staying focused on objects... Read more »

Wellness Checkups Every Student Can Expect Amid the Pandemic

BY SANDRA GUY As scientific studies show that schoolchildren, even younger ones, can play a significant role in spreading COVID-19 infections, the concept of wellness checkups has radically changed. “In the second (pandemic) wave, we acquired much more evidence that schoolchildren are almost equally, if not more infected by SARS-CoV-2 than others,” Antoine Flahault, director... Read more »

How to Get Your Diet Back on Track After the Holidays

BY SANDRA GUY If you’ve fallen off the self-discipline wagon and you can’t stand the thought of stepping on a scale, stop beating yourself up. First, rethink your obsession with weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. And a one-pound bag of popcorn weighs the same as a one-pound gold ingot. Your goal is to stay... Read more »

Anti-inflammatory benefits of a curry spice

BY SANDRA GUY You’ve probably heard of Turmeric — a yellow-orange spice that’s a relative of ginger — but what can it really do? This curry spice has been used as a remedy for centuries, and it’s found in Indian, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cooking. Its main ingredient, curcumin, is a naturally occurring antioxidant... Read more »

How to Meet Your Fitness Goals for the New Year

BY SANDRA GUY Now that we’re daring to hope for a New Year of recovery, what better way to celebrate than to create — and this time, meet — your fitness goals? Here are my tried-and-true tips: • Find teachers who motivate and inspire you, who make you laugh but also bring out your inner... Read more »

Countering the Naysayers: Benefits of Taking College Classes from Home

BY SANDRA GUY The knee-jerk reaction and media coverage of online education declare it as nothing less than a disaster. And there are legitimate reasons for worrying that virtual schooling leaves behind college students who live in neighborhoods with little to no Internet access. We should look for answers, such as Internet hot-spots that students... Read more »

Potential Health Benefits of the Schisandra Berry

BY SANDRA GUY A pandemic-inspired obsession with natural remedies should include on your checklist the Schisandra Berry, whose five flavors correspond to the elements of traditional Chinese medicine. How much more traditional can a berry get? The purple-red berries comprise these flavors and corresponding elements: Sour (wood), bitter (fire), sweet (Earth), acrid (metal) and salty... Read more »

Reinvent your recipes with mood-boosting foods that fight the winter blues

BY SANDRA GUY Why not make a holiday resolution to stay upbeat — even in the most frustrating, patience-taxing pandemic lockdown time imaginable — with a healthy foods regimen? Let go of the traditional gluttony and focus on self-care: Abusing your body isn’t the answer. Instead, focus on seasonal foods that can boost your mood... Read more »