The reason white college-educated women voted for Trump comes down to one word

I have read so many hand-wringing articles lately about how 49% of white college-educated female voters went for Trump. How could they? these writers cry. He is a self-proclaimed sexual predator, a misogynist, racist, bigoted bully. How were all these women able to overlook all of the disgusting things he said and still choose him... Read more »

Emptier Nest Part 2: Where should I live?

Now that I am several weeks into my ‘emptier nest’ I have had a lot of time to think about what to do with my house. I own a large, 90-year-old bungalow. With four bedrooms it is way too big for one person, and it needs work constantly. In the past year alone I have... Read more »

The empty nest is emptier when you’re a single parent

This weekend I dropped off my youngest child at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA). In case you are not familiar with it, IMSA is an academically rigorous, STEM-focused public boarding high school whose graduates have gone on to do amazing things. It is probably the best use of your tax money in the... Read more »

Is 2016 The Year of the Woman in Chicago?

I have been reading a lot about how 2016 is ‘The Year of the Woman.’ Commentators cite Hillary Clinton’s historic role as the first female major party nominee in a presidential election. Others note the small but growing number of female leaders in countries like England, Germany, South Korea, Nepal and Liberia. All that got... Read more »

I finally convinced my doctor to give me Hormone Replacement Therapy, and this happened

A couple of months ago I shared on this blog that, after struggling with hot flashes for too long, and trying various other remedies, and without my doctor’s whole-hearted support, I started taking hormone replacement therapy. When I walked out of my doctor’s office with my freshly-minted prescription, I was wildly optimistic. I had heard... Read more »

Adjustable Temperature Clothing

You can thank me for the mild winter we are having. Why? Because I finally broke down this fall and bought one of those head to toe down coats with a big furry hood. This coat is so warm that you can really only wear it when the temperature is below 20°F. So I froze... Read more »

My odyssey with hot flashes

I have been in menopause now for several years. Those people who tell you it’s not that bad are either lying or men. The number one worst thing about menopause is hot flashes. People joke about them but those of you in menopause (my flash sisters?) know the reality is pretty awful. You could be... Read more »