LGBT History Month 2015

October is LGBT History Month. To honor transgender people and their unique histories, I will be featuring transgender people and parents of transgender children all month long. Through sharing their stories, I hope to raise awareness of Transgender people and their struggles for basic human rights that most of the world takes for granted.

Oct 1st: October is LGBT History Month and History is Meant to be Shared
Oct 2nd: Jason's Story: Your Part is Bigger than You  Think
Oct 3rd: Maureen's Story: What Acceptance Looks Like
Oct 4th: Jenny's Story: Braver, Bolder, Better
Oct 5th: Meggan's Story: The Necklace
Oct 6th: Gavin's Story: A Conversion to Remember
Oct 7th: Siri's Story: From Adrian to Anna
Oct 8th: Kat's Story: Words Don't Come Easy
Oct 9th: Dina's Story: Delilah's Birthday
Oct 10th: Crystal's Story: The Blessing of a Daughter
Oct 11th: Jeanette's Story: Coming Out Jazz
Oct 12th: MJ's Story: Existence is a Radical Act
Oct 13th: Sharon's Story: My Son is Transgender and Here's What You Need to Know
Oct 14th: Rebecca's Story: A Tale of Two Planets
Oct 15th: Marjorie's Story: What's in a Name - a Letter to Our Pediatricians
Oct 16th: Jacob's Mom's Story: I Know I'm a Girl, But...
Oct 17th: Renee's Story: Once Upon a Time
Oct 18th: Anne's Story: Gender Eye-Dentity
Oct 19th: Jeri's Story: Just a Word
Oct 20th: Terri's Story: A Bigger Life
Oct 21st: Ron and Vanessa's Story: Silence Doesn't Equal Safety
Oct 22nd: Candice's Story: A Dream Rewritten
Oct 23rd: Mark's Story: Dad, Your Trans Kid Needs a Leader
Oct 24th: Jenn's Story: What's in a Name?
Oct 25th: Tina's Story: My Fifty-Year Journey from Shadow to Sun
Oct 26th: Debi's Story: You Know I'm a Girl, Right?
Oct 27th: Gail'sStory: In the Presence of Change
Oct 28th: Greta's Story: How to Bootstrap a Suicide Hotline in 10,000 Impossible Steps
Oct 29th: Roz's Story: (A Mother's) Unconditional Love
Oct 30th: Jennifer's Story: Maybe It's Me
Oct 31st: Lori's Story: It will be Okay
                 Hannah's Story: Being Part of Trans History is Being Part of ONE Trans History