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I live in the South Suburbs with my husband and two children, which is pretty much where I've spent my entire life.  This is my first stab at blogging, but far from my first experience as a writer. Writing has always been the thing that saved me, my lifeline.  As early as first and second grade, I'd grab a pen and paper and scribble viciously all my angry, angsty, unhappy thoughts about my siblings, my parents, my friends, my teachers.  It helped to get it out, get it out of me and out into the Universe.  Writing has really been my first best friend.

I was recently part of the Listen to Your Mother Chicago Cast, where I found my voice again.  It also sparked an interest in storytelling, which was something I had never done.  Again, not a newbie to the stage, since I've been involved in local and community theater my whole life, but never like this.  It felt like I ripped open my chest and spilled my guts all over the stage for everyone to see and pick through.  And GOD, I loved it.  I plan to keep on doing it.

But the thing I love most in the whole world, is getting to be a mom.  My kids are awesome.  The best!  At ages two and seven, I get the early, stubborn, feisty, fitty toddler years and the stubborn, sassy, I-know-everything-Mom pre-tween years.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I hope you enjoy the blog.  I hope that you leave with something more than you came.  I'm not asking anyone to change their minds or opinions, but I'm hoping that through the course of revealing my journey, you might.  Maybe you'll learn tolerance and respect for those that aren't like you.  Maybe you'll learn acceptance and support.  Maybe you'll even take up the torch with me, and speak up against those that discriminate.

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