Trump's military ban on trans people tells me he has no plans to relinquish power. Ever

Men and women across our nation today woke up to find that their president banned them from military service. The 45th president of the United States banned trans individuals from serving in the military. On Twitter. He claims that the military cannot be “…burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption” that a trans person in the military would cause.

A “disruption”. “Burdened”. Those words are important. Those words are deliberate. They paint a picture of people who are a nuisance, something to be shoved to the side and ignored or forgotten. Unimportant.

And on a larger scale, it sends a clear and decisive message, to the world at large, that the United States does not regard trans Americans as equal citizens, deserving of the same rights and abilities as any other American. Trans individuals are not allowed to defend their country. They are not worthy enough to defend their country, because they are a burden and a disruption to the military.

There was a time when women were considered a burden and a disruption. Many old white men still feel this way. As recently as 1993, they lifted the last restrictions on women in combat. Their reasons for banning them? Men would feel uncomfortable fighting next to a woman. Women would get pregnant and expect an honorable medical discharge, and that would be too much of a financial burden on the military. Women would be too much of a distraction and disruption for the “real” members of the army.

Sound familiar?

Except the major difference is that trans people have always served in the military. Trans men and women have been on the front lines for as long as there has been a military. And today, in 420 characters or less, #45 has taken away people’s careers, ended and banned future service for willing men and women who, despite being marginalized and discriminated again, despite being refused basic medical care and human decency, want to fight and die in service for you and me.

jews-forbiddenI think you know where this goes next. Godwin’s Law is inevitable. In 1935, Hitler banned Jews from serving in the military and dismissed all those that currently served. It was one of many social and civil restrictions placed on people of Jewish decent. Restrictions like where they could eat, where they could work and of course, what public bathrooms they could use.

Sound familiar?

Hitler’s decrees and proclamations, in the early years, went unopposed, and look how far he got. We must stop this madness now.
Our president cannot advise us of policy and procedure in a tweet. We cannot allow our government and our rights to be treated like a reality show. We cannot allow the equal rights of our fellow Americans to be a bargaining tool to gain Republican votes in Rust Belt states.

This is not what it means to be American. This is not how a democracy is run.

This is how a coup begins.

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