'Here in the Middle' Release Day

'Here in the Middle' Release Day

Today is the day! Release day for Here in the Middle: Stories of Love, Loss, and Connection from the Ones Sandwiched in Between.

What’s even more exciting for me, is that I’m a part of this amazing collection of stories.

And better yet, my story, Shapes in the Cloud, is about my grandfather. The man who set the course for the rest of my life. The bar by which I measured all other men. He was gentle and kind, intelligent and creative. He loved fiercely, everyone in his life. My grandmother, who passed away ten years before he did. My father, who took him into his home in his final months. And most of all, me. His last grandchild.  The child that inherited his late beloved wife’s smile and her laughter and her loud personality.

I can still feel his hand in mine, hear his voice echoing across decades of time. I still love him and miss him and wish more than anything that he had lived long enough to meet my children.

But my story is also about my father, who without hesitation, took his father into our home. Without hesitation, squeezed my grandfather and his wife into an already overcrowded house, handled my grandfather’s affairs, ran him to and from doctors’ appointments, set up hospice, and finally, took three young children into his arms to tell them that their grandfather had died.

I hope I’m able to be half the parent he is, when my time comes. But I truly hope and pray that time is many, many years down the road.

I invite you to purchase this book and to read it, cover to cover. My story is only one of many stories in this anthology, all of which reflect the variety and complexities of those of us in the middle.

Check it out on Amazon today.

I love you, Grandpa

I love you, Grandpa


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