How I told my friends I was trans: a graphic novel by Jake Valentine

Today is my trans son’s second anniversary. Two years since his rather incredible and surprising transition story, where he publicly and socially transitioned to he/him pronouns and a name that suited his gender identity. For his anniversary gift this year, I’ve decided to let him tell his own story.

In graphic novel.

Okay, really more of a short comic strip.

About a week after Jake transitioned, he faced the daunting task of explaining to his long distance best friend the changes that had occurred. We tried a few role playing scenarios, we talked with his counselor and we even talked with his best friend’s mom. Jake was afraid his friend wouldn’t understand, would reject him, or worse, treat him differently.

Finally, in a fit of inspiration, I suggested he write out his story instead. Something his friend could read and consider and respond to in time. This was the result.

Jake never needed to share this story with his best friend, because the next day they dialed into their regularly scheduled FaceTime call, and despite all our careful practice and planning, Jake blurted out, “I’m a boy now, call me Jake.” And his best friend shrugged and said, “Cool. Hey, did you see the giant American flag I built in Minecraft, over skeleton island?”

And nothing had changed.

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photo credit: Jake Valentine

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