People who support Target deserve to be recognized. So that's what I'm going to do.

The Internet is full of hatred these days. With Target’s announcement to allow shoppers to use the bathroom they’re most comfortable in, it seems they’ve hit a little too close to home for many cisgender identified Americans. At last count, I’ve seen almost 40 pages and groups called Boycott Target, and they’ve begun a petition, presumably to be given to the same company they’re boycotting, to force Target to retract their open door bathroom policy.

Boycott Target’s major argument is about protecting their women and children. From whom? From what? They’re a little confused about those answers. And I would seriously not recommend falling down the rabbit hole of their logic.

But that hatred takes a toll on the trans and gender diverse communities. Their comments, their ignorance, their hatred, it spreads like a cancer. Not just within the trans and gender diverse community, but to friends and loved ones and allies. To all of us who are fighting so desperately for equality for everyone, whatever our connection.

That hatred tears us down.

But it isn’t all hatred. There are people out there, people who have no connection to our community at all, who are speaking up, being heard. People who have nothing to gain, lifting their voices for those who can’t.

I think it’s time we hear from them.

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