Transgender Day of Visibility 2016

March 31st is Transgender Day of Visibility, a holiday created to celebrate, empower, and raise awareness of the issues the trans community faces on a daily basis. The entire community, for a single day, attempts to gain visibility in the world at large. The theme this year is More Than Visibility, because the trans community deserves more than a single day. They deserve more than being seen.

They deserve the same rights as everyone else in this world.

Today, I’m letting the trans community tell their story, through their pictures, their images, their hopes and their dreams. I want to share their humanity with the rest of the world, today and every day. One day, I’m hopeful that we’ll live in a world where there won’t need to be a single day to celebrate visibility, because every day will be about visibility. Until then, I’m so grateful for the courage it takes, to step forward even for this one day.

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