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Christmas Fun in Chicago and the Suburbs During Covid

Starting the day after Thanksgiving, I am usually taking my kids to all the local Christmas events and major activities of the city and suburbs.  They were starting to age out of many of it, so my focus was going to begin to change to museums, theater, and Christmas concerts, but then Covid did not go... Read more »

Harry Potter Events in the Midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana)

I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when it was first released.  Three years ago, when my son was in first grade, I could tell he would love these books too.  So we started reading them tiogether.  I would make us read the books before we would see the movies.  Our first goal was... Read more »

Santa Trains in the Suburbs and Beyond

My son was obsessed with trains as a toddler.  One of his first words was choo choo.  While my other son could be entertained by Barney or other kid shows, my oldest found train videos calming.  So when he was old enough, we started to visit Santa trains in the area. Here are my suggestions,... Read more »

More Free Fun for Kids in Illinois

In January I posted a list of five free things we like to do over the summer or during the school year. Although we certainly end up paying a lot for park district activities and other amusement, here are ten more of the places we go or want to go to that don’t cost... Read more »

Free Fun for Kids

Every week in the summer we use our membership to the Morton Arboretum and Brookfield Zoo, but in between the memberships, sports or local activities, and paid entertainment like amusement parks and kids’ play places, we like to have some free entertainment too.  Here are some of our favorite free and local places to go. ... Read more »

Addicted to Track

     When I would tell people my son loved trains they would tell me that their child loves trains too, but it takes a certain kind of child to be THIS obsessed about the locomotive.  Their kids may have liked trains, but mine ONLY liked trains.  One of his first words was choo choo. ... Read more »

Making Music with Mom (Exploring Illinois)

(This is part of a series on fun places to take your children in Illinois or the surrounding states.) My husband and I both play guitar ( a little).  Back when I thought I was young and cool I wrote songs and performed at open mics in Chicago.  My song “Molly” was even played on... Read more »