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Christmas Crafts 2019

It is almost time to start assembling this year’s Christmas crafts so here is what I made last year.  We didn’t get as crafty and most of it was just assembling things together for gifts.  This year I am not sure I want to put in all the effort if we might not be getting... Read more »

Christmas Crafts 2018

Every year I assemble or craft Christmas gifts for the family and teachers.  I ran out of time this year so I didn’t get to complete all of my projects.  But here are some easy and inexpensive standbys. 1.Photo magnets.  Every year I create a magnet with my kids’ photos.  This year I took a... Read more »

Christmas Crafts

As I am starting to form ideas for new crafts for the holidays, I thought I would share what my children and I made for Christmas last year (2017).  I love to make gifts and replicate things I see at craft fairs and on Etsy or online.  My ideas are not that original, but they... Read more »

Easy Christmas Crafts 2016

Every year I like to share the easy crafts my kids and I make as Christmas gifts.  (Although this year I am a little late with sharing.)  Every year I think I should start early (March would be good.)  But every year I pretty much do it the week before Christmas.  And I still have... Read more »

Easy Christmas Crafts 2015

Last year I posted all the easy and inexpensive crafts my children and I made for Christmas gifts.  Although we didn’t have as much time to be as creative this year due to illness and a weekend holiday trip, here is what we accomplished. 1. Book page ornaments. These seemed to turn out better when I... Read more »