The Adventures of One Bad Mom is a blog about an imperfect mother trying to unsuccessfully avoid the problems of raising two young boys.  They started as Facebook posts to my friends.  Bad Mom Tip # 1:  Bad Mom Tip # 2.  Then someone suggested I start a blog and it reminded me that for a long time I had wanted to share my tips and troubles with others partly to let other moms out there know they are not alone, partly so people can tell me I am not as bad as I think I am, and partly to share ideas of dealing with it all.  I always knew I would be a mom someday (even though it wasn’t until I was 37), but I didn’t know that I would have such a hard time being a kid again.  I would rather be in solitary confinement than play with toys or watch a cartoon.  When my first son was born (now 5) I would walk him around the neighborhood in circles for hours so I could be outside and walking and he would stop crying.  Then we discovered the zoo and then we discovered there was no need to ever be at home.  So my adventures have taken me from trying to figure out how to entertain a child to learning how to entertain two crazy boys and myself.  You will read about the places we go and the trouble we get into along the way and I hope that you will find some kinship or at least some new places to discover with your kids.