Moms make Christmas happen

I absolutely loved the latest Saturday Night Live skit with Kristen Wiig where everyone is super excited for all of their extravagant gifts and the exhausted mom is happy, yet slightly disappointed, with her one gift of a robe.  I got a robe last year.  I showed the video to my kids so maybe it would click.  Moms make Christmas happen.

Just today I woke up at 3 a.m. to wrap a few gifts for my son.  He asked for some presents to be under the tree before Christmas this year so he could try to guess them just like his friends have at home.  Our tradition is to put everything out overnight for the surprise.  It has been like that since I was a kid.  But moms make Christmas happen so I granted his wish even after he tried to wake me up multiple times last night to get it done.

Then I was trying to figure out which of the hundreds of ideas or props I had for the Elves on the Shelves to use and found myself dressing an elf in a soccer uniform and printing out a “Go Team Candy Cane” sign for the shirtless elf at 4 a.m.  Because moms make Christmas happen.

I stalked the internet for times to reserve holiday experiences like the zoo and Arboretum.  Spent months searching and purchasing small gifts to fit in the advent calendar and stockings for St. Nicholas Day.  And just like the mom from SNL, my stocking is empty except for the socks and bracelet I had recently bought so that my kids wouldn’t wonder why Santa never brings mom anything.  She must be bad or SHE is Santa.  Can’t ruin that magic because moms make Christmas happen.

I asked multiple times what my kids wanted for Christmas so they get what they want most and delivered the  letters to Santa by the last day so they get letters in return.  I watch for prices to change on Amazon and compare best deals and reviews at different stores.  Burned my fingers putting gingerbread houses together and still have the remnants of Gorilla glue on my fingers from Christmas crafts because moms make Christmas happen.

I’m sitting in a room of gifts for everyone on both sides of the family after determining the best gifts for the budget for every family member and prepare to deliver them Christmas Eve or stand in a long line in the post office because we can’t get together due to Covid while everyone else gets to play video games and watch TV because moms make Christmas happen.

The cards went out because I updated the addresses and arranged for a Christmas photo and spent hours picking out the best design and getting them out in time.  We have food for Christmas because I made the menu decisions and called in the order.  The mail carrier has a gift because I remembered her name from the Christmas postcard she left us.  We have a Christmas inflatable goat in pajamas on our lawn because I found one online without a jacked up price when the local hardware store ran out.  I went from store to store to find the matching lights for our house and checked online every day until they became available again.  I was up late cutting broken lights off our pre-lit tree and putting lights on and off that were too hot after reading all the bad reviews about them, finding new lights, and then searching Ebay for more matching lights because Target sent me the wrong lights and then Christmas lights were out everywhere in America this year.  And just like Wiig, I will still be awake early on Christmas Eve making sure there is a bite out of the cookie, tracks in the magic reindeer food, and all the signs of boxes and wrapping paper hidden.  Because moms make Christmas happen.

We are the elves.  Santa.  The glue that puts the gingerbread houses together.  There are certainly dads into making the magic too.  But because so many moms can relate to the SNL skit and someone had the idea to write it knowing it would connect with moms out there, I think I am not alone.  We show up for the every day normal after hiding the Christmas secrets and stress because moms make Christmas happen.



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