How I explained to my kids why we were not getting their favorite pizza this week

This is me (to my closest recollection) explaining to my kids in the car why we won’t be getting their favorite pizza this week in Tik Tok style, although my son said I didn’t sound as cool as I thought I was. It is completely fictional based on Facebook comments from our town’s Facebook pages during new Covid restrictions that some are refusing to follow.
We can’t get the pizza because the governor says restaurants can’t have people eat inside, but they are letting people eat inside anyway. So we can’t support a restaurant that’s not following the rules.
But the restaurant be like, “We need to pay our employees so they can feed their families. ”
And the governor be like, “You won’t have a family to feed if they die from Covid.”
And the people be like, “You can’t tell us what to do. We have freedom. We can make our own decisions.”
And the governor be like, “I’ve seen those pumpkin patches. I don’t think you know how to make good decisions.”
And the people who need their tacos indoors be like, “Just stay home if it bothers you. “
And the people still washing their groceries be like, “Just stay home if you can’t wear a mask and protect others.”
And no one wins. Covid is here to stay. Everyone is angry. Friends are now enemies. AND WE CAN’T GET OUR FAVORITE PIZZA!!!!

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