Christmas Crafts 2019

It is almost time to start assembling this year’s Christmas crafts so here is what I made last year.  We didn’t get as crafty and most of it was just assembling things together for gifts.  This year I am not sure I want to put in all the effort if we might not be getting together with the family for the holidays, but I have a few things in mind.

  1. Zen Gardens. I recently purchased a couple Zen gardens for the teenagers at my library and they were very popular.  I thought we could easily make them.  I found tins, mini bamboo forks, and a bag of rocks and sand.  I then made the stickers for the front.  My kids assembled them so they could feel part of the holiday gift giving.  I am not sure anyone used them, but it was a cute idea to give and fun to make.


2. Cookie cutters with recipe cards.  I also plan to make more of these for Christmas gifts for teachers this year.  I bought a bunch of cookie cutters on sale for 25 cents each at Walmart one year and then purchased recipe cards on Amazon.  They were placed in clear plastic gift bags.  This idea was stolen from a vintage craft fair where I bought one with a vintage cookie cutter inside.  I like how those are flatter, but they are more expensive and harder to find.


3. Hot chocolate jars.  We make these every year.  My kids are less interested as they get older, but it is a fun way to have them be a part of the gift giving by filling the jars with hot cocoa mix.  We make different labels almost every year.  This time I reused old labels I still had.  And tie on ribbon I save or buy.


4.    Origami owl style necklaces.  The large charms were only about $1 each from eBay and it was only a few dollars to purchase a bag of floating charms.  Some of the charms were broken so buy extra as the glass may fall out.  I let my kids pick out the charms that best fit each relative we gave them to.  Easy and cheap even if no one wears them.


5.    Photo charms.  Every year I make myself a photo charm of my kids to collect and I make extra for gifts.  It is inexpensive to buy a bag of bracelets or necklaces.  This year I used Mod Podge to put the photos on charms.


6. Magnets.  Each year I make magnets.  Most of the time they have photos of my kids, but recently I started to make them out of other materials.  Last year was vintage earrings and this year was buttons.  I bought metal tins to secure them in place.  I used a button maker to make the magnets of my kids this year.  Many public libraries have one.


7. Gift bags, boxes, and tin cups.  I bought some beauty products in bulk like lotion and lip balm and assembled them in bags for teachers and tins for relatives.  I also bought pizza boxes from Amazon or eBay and put in a pizza cutter, oven mitt, and spices for the male teachers and relatives.


7. Fairy light jars.  I also make a table scape with a place card that can be taken home each year.  This year it was a snowflake mason jar with fairy lights inside.


That is all from last year.  I will have to dig through my things and my ideas to see what to plan for this year.


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