Moms make Christmas happen

I absolutely loved the latest Saturday Night Live skit with Kristen Wiig where everyone is super excited for all of their extravagant gifts and the exhausted mom is happy, yet slightly disappointed, with her one gift of a robe.  I got a robe last year.  I showed the video to my kids so maybe it... Read more »

32 New Christmas Movie Reviews for 2020 (Mostly Hallmark and Lifetime)

Every year I attempt to watch all the new Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies, as well as those form Own, Freeform, Netflix, and whatever other stations mass produce these films, and I never finish them all.  Maybe once.  But they just keep adding more each year.  Maybe it was  because it is during a pandemic... Read more »

Christmas Fun in Chicago and the Suburbs During Covid

Starting the day after Thanksgiving, I am usually taking my kids to all the local Christmas events and major activities of the city and suburbs.  They were starting to age out of many of it, so my focus was going to begin to change to museums, theater, and Christmas concerts, but then Covid did not go... Read more »

Bad Mom Tips

Since 2013, I have been sharing my bad mom moments on Facebook with friends.  Here are many of them.  They are not in any particular order so some now seem perfectly acceptable as my kids are older and some I am shocked I would have done, especially with how we have to do things during Covid.... Read more »

Too Many Holiday Movies:  A Rant and Reviews from 2019

Come on, Hallmark.  Do you think I get every night off to watch your Christmas movies when Lifetime, OWN, Ion, Disney +, Netflix, Ion and more crank them out too.  Yes I recorded all three new movies that already came out in October, but I have to get through Halloween with my kids first.  We... Read more »

Christmas Crafts 2019

It is almost time to start assembling this year’s Christmas crafts so here is what I made last year.  We didn’t get as crafty and most of it was just assembling things together for gifts.  This year I am not sure I want to put in all the effort if we might not be getting... Read more »

You are the Author of Your Life: A Message to Our Graduating Seniors

In the spring, teachers were asked to write messages to our high school students for our online newspaper as they were graduating after having their last months of high school online.  This was my submission. It was inspired by a quote from one of Oprah’s guests on Super Soul Sunday.  It was during a time when nothing was... Read more »

How I explained to my kids why we were not getting their favorite pizza this week

This is me (to my closest recollection) explaining to my kids in the car why we won’t be getting their favorite pizza this week in Tik Tok style, although my son said I didn’t sound as cool as I thought I was. It is completely fictional based on Facebook comments from our town’s Facebook pages during new... Read more »

What's in a Hyphenated Name?

I didn’t get married until 35.  I had years of professional experience using my last name and I didn’t know any other name for all those years. That could be half my life. Why change then?  I had many professional books and articles and presented workshops under my name.  If I changed my name, no... Read more »

Christmas Crafts 2018

Every year I assemble or craft Christmas gifts for the family and teachers.  I ran out of time this year so I didn’t get to complete all of my projects.  But here are some easy and inexpensive standbys. 1.Photo magnets.  Every year I create a magnet with my kids’ photos.  This year I took a... Read more »