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I now know what I want to be when I grow up

It’s amazing how our aspirations and goals go through SO many shifts and changes over the years. For me, whether it’s been wanting to be a famous rock star, or rich, or a super successful entrepreneur, or the best spouse and parent I could be, there’s always been some goal to chase after that I... Read more »

Stop trying to sell me stuff I don't need

Stop trying to sell me stuff I don't need
Most of us are bombarded with sales pitches these days. You can’t get on the internet to perform a simple Google or Safari search without having to navigate through a maze of pop-ups in order to get to the content you were seeking out in the first place. We get a constant stream of promotional... Read more »

3 true signs of success, and they're not what you think

So what do we often think of as the true signs of success? Making a huge salary, owning a lavish home, driving a fancy car, occupying the corner office, ascending to the top of your profession? Maybe marrying a movie star/tech mogul/trust fund baby, having 2.5 kids? Winning the lottery and never having to work... Read more »

How to manage a crisis without losing your shit

We’ve all had them. Those unexpected, nasty surprises that come from nowhere on an otherwise pleasant, sunny, late Thursday afternoon. They blow up your world, blindside you, stun you, and immobilize you. Whether we’re talking personal or professional crises, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes they’re temporary, with a thankfully quick fix, but most of the time,... Read more »

Why you should avoid launching a startup at all costs

One of the craziest trends to emerge in the entrepreneurial world in recent years is the popularity of launching a “startup”. There’s so many things wrong with the startup concept, as it’s built on a fantasy. If you’re thinking of launching a startup, don’t do it. Just don’t do it. Here’s what’s wrong with the... Read more »

On Rosh Hashanah eve: Achieving your dreams

As we approach the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, many of us who observe the holiday ruminate on the usual things you think about when a New Year comes and goes. We mull over what we’ve accomplished in the past year (or what we haven’t), and what we’d like to do in... Read more »

I want my kids to fail

I’ve failed a LOT in my life. More than I care to admit. I’ve taken many risks personally and professionally, and failed in my endeavors at LEAST half as much as I’ve succeeded. Sometimes I’ve failed right away; at other times it’s taken awhile before I’ve made the difficult decision to cut my losses in... Read more »

Time to lay off the credit checks, employers

As a society, we’ve gotten a little too used to prying into one another’s lives. Blame it on technology, social media, helicopter parenting, reality TV, what have you, but our culture has shifted noticeably toward the extreme in this regard. And one of the ways in which we’ve gotten most carried away is that of... Read more »

Why I hate talking politics

As a rule, I hate talking politics, and I avoid it whenever possible. Always have. Whenever I’m at a party, and I hear some guests debating with an intensity and a volume in which the participants can’t even hear one another, I leave the room. Furthermore, when someone tries to draw me into a debate,... Read more »

3 useful non-business apps for entrepreneurs

3 useful non-business apps for entrepreneurs
Like you, I hate to waste space on my phone by cluttering it up with stuff I don’t really need. So many apps are such a waste of time, and I think at least twice before paying for one. But after much trial and error, I have found a few new apps that are actually... Read more »