To my cocky 16 year old self

So here’s the deal: I know you think you’re going to be young forever, you already know everything, you hate being told what to do, and you hate taking advice. So I’ll make it brief. Stop rolling your eyes, I promise I will. Hear me out – you’ll be glad you did when you look back on this.

1. Find the balance. There’s an intersection I want in your life that I want you to achieve, in which you combine the goals of work that you love, a healthy personal life, and making money all into one shifting priority. Find that balance between all three of those things. If you drift over too far in any one area, you’ll lose the balance. Find that, and you will achieve a rare success and happiness in life that many don’t achieve.

2. Accept the fact that your life is a train, and people will get on and off your train without warning or reason. Relationships come and go, and you may not understand why, or the timing, and you may struggle with the whole concept. Accept it. What may most surprise you about your train is that some people will get back on. Some will be people you never thought you would see again. But here they are, back on your train. Embrace it.

3. Life is going to go a whole lot faster than you think it will, so it’s too important to take too seriously. Don’t. You have a dream that doesn’t work out? Cut your losses and pursue another one. Get your heart broken? Figure out how to love again. Have relationships. Have a family. Laugh. Go places. Embarrass yourself – in a year, no one will remember or care, trust me. Limit your time around toxic people and embrace the ones who live with gusto. Be one of them.  Life is too short and goes faster the older you get.

Oh, and one more thing – stay away from cheap sushi. It’s just not worth it.


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