What this mom really wants for Father’s Day

If you’re like me, you are inundated with activities, life events, and obligations in the month of June. The school year is ending, we have graduations, parties, gifts, nostalgia from the change of seasons, etc. Then, in the middle of it all, there is Father’s Day. Instead of Father’s Day being another obligatory day made... Read more »

Please tell me where I stand

Can you? Why is it so hard to get an answer out of some people? This mostly pertains to business development and sales, but it’s a universal sentiment. We all want to know where we stand. If the answer is no, that’s all right. I will live another day, because I can take it. But... Read more »

Anybody good is already working

I overheard someone spouting this gem the other day, someone who should know better. The wisdom of this so called statement is right up there with, “You can’t like both the Cubs and the White Sox,” and, “Bitcoin is a great investment.” I’m not sure why some people continue to believe this; that if you’re... Read more »

To my cocky 16 year old self

So here’s the deal: I know you think you’re going to be young forever, you already know everything, you hate being told what to do, and you hate taking advice. So I’ll make it brief. Stop rolling your eyes, I promise I will. Hear me out – you’ll be glad you did when you look... Read more »

Can people ever really change?

Can anyone really change who they are? There are various opinions on the subject, and it’s a question I’ve been struggling with lately. Whether we’re talking about a client or a loved one, business or personal, it doesn’t really matter. The question is, can someone truly achieve the change necessary to mold their character for... Read more »

Losing is good

Yes, it is. Though try telling that to a couple of nine year olds. My daughter and her good friend had gotten a little too confident in their skills on their basketball team lately. Much better than the other teams in the league, they had gotten comfortable with always winning and always being the best.... Read more »

Pay me like a man

So have you heard this week’s news? According to NPR, “California has a new law intended to fight gender pay disparity by restricting companies from asking certain questions about salary history, and requiring them to reveal more about what they pay.” This law just went into effect a few days ago – and this pretty... Read more »

Want to be more successful in 2018? Don’t treat people like trains

A few days ago, I received one of those emails from a long lost colleague, wanting to “check in” to “say hello.” Under the guise of extreme friendliness, this person gushed until they got to the point of their message, a few paragraphs down… Yes, I did read that long. This person was lucky that... Read more »

Don't ask what I think of your project

So there’s a very famous story about Barbra Streisand that goes something like this: Years before she became famous, she once had a voice teacher who did not believe in her abilities at all. The teacher finally told Streisand, quite bluntly, to literally not quit her day job. She would never make a living as... Read more »

My biggest wish for you in 2018

As a wise friend recently said, make enough trips around the sun, and you realize most traditions are temporary. Your kids grow older and move away, relationships shift and morph, priorities change. The things you once felt so passionately about – whether good or bad – well, you just don’t care that much anymore. It’s... Read more »