ESPN: 3 strong reasons to call Exavier Pope

ESPN: 3 strong reasons to call Exavier Pope
Photo provided and approved by Exavier Pope, Esq.

As you may know, ESPN chose to not renew Keith Olbermann’s contact for a second time.  This may not be a surprise to many.

According to the article’s author, “ESPN appears to be moving away from high-priced talent who can be inflammatory, as this decision follows the much-talked-about move by the network to not renew the contract of former Grantland editor Bill Simmons.”  In simple terms, ESPN chose to move away from the stove and not “get burned” by another controversial remark and commentary from Mr. Olbermann.  It was a very wise decision on their part.

Now that the management at ESPN has chosen to move forward in a different direction, I decided to take on the honorable task of starting a Twitter campaign (with a twist) for someone extra special.  I would like to use this blog as a way to persuade ESPN to personally call Exavier Pope and give him to the opportunity to shine on the air as the “new Pope” of Sports Law. In this article, I would like to provide three strong reasons that Exavier Pope would be a perfect fit on ESPN.

1.      Exavier has a growing presence on social media and no stranger to being in front of the camera.

Exavier had an increasing presence on television, print and online media, and radio.  He has been everywhere. I did not realize how much interest he has brought via social media until I did an SEO search using Google and put together this chart. Wow!

2.     Exavier is an ethical and dutiful member of his community and family man

Exavier is a man of God and knows how to be a great family man. He places his family high on his priorities when he is not working. He also mentors local young African-American men to be outstanding citizens of their community.

Exavier is an ethical and honest man while also speaking up for those who need their cause raised a little higher. He has overcome difficult obstacles that started early in his life and turned those challenges into opportunities. You would not have guessed this by how he presents himself. He is an outstanding member of his community and a positive influence on both Facebook and Instagram.

3.       Exavier brings both experience and knowledge to the table.

To keep it simple and short, he knows how to present his knowledge well. He has a proven record of integrity and ethics to shine brightly on ESPN. He would be a perfect fit for the network. His experience and record speaks for itself.

To close this article, I ask that the management at ESPN strongly consider Exavier Pope, Esq. to be an addition to the ESPN family. You would not regret this decision period. You have a great man for the job and do not need to look any further.


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